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Manage all your Property & Asset Data with a Single Compliance System

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Property Data is often hard to pin down as different elements are held in different places. By using ProComply you can have all your basic property data key compliance and legislative documents in one place, easily accessible, secure and indexed.

Property Data

Property Data is easily accessible, secure and indexed. As the product has been developed with insurance and legal experts, compliance documentation required for any future strategic business transactions can be accessed easily and efficiently saving time, duplication of effort and costs.

Building Data

Building Data can be collected on ProComply such as energy use, measured on smart meters which can then be filtered and clustered so that KPI’s on energy use can be established and benchmarked for future savings.

Rooms and Spaces

Rooms and Space data can be stored on ProComply including internal spaces including all rooms within a building as well as external spaces such as car parks or access roads. Space information can include assets and equipment, as well as the people working within.


The attributes of those spaces can be interrogated including the detail and condition of wall and floor covering, assets, and means of access.

Asset Register

An Asset Register is fundamental not only for those managing the property but also for insurers, leaseholders and lawyers for future transactions. They represent a large investment which can be tracked and linked to key documents.

BIM Integration

BIM Integration for new build allows you to future proof the fundamental information about your assets, value, condition, life cycle, associated maintenance all within a 2D model of your property or estate. This uniquely will offer the opportunity for efficiency through smart scheduling, minimising “out of use” but maximising contractors resources.
Any alterations of the BIM model will automatically update the ProComply assets.