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About Us

The system has evolved from a compliance database originally developed by the parent company ASAP Comply Ltd over the last 15 years. ASAP’s core business is compliance so the system was developed in 2005 to provide easy access by their clients to compliance information.

ASAP as a UKAS accredited company has a broad customer base offering the full spectrum of property compliance services from small businesses to national companies with hundreds of branches across UK and Ireland.

Over the years the software has incrementally developed and in 2015 ProComply was established as a stand-alone company.

The software development has accelerated using the latest technology and innovation coupled with a proactive partnership of leading environmental lawyers and experts in the FM industry. This software application now truly meets the needs of the industry, delivering efficiency, quality management and efficiency savings.

The system is and will continue to evolve around the needs of our customers, but offers an “off the shelf” solution to deliver a step change in managing compliance for a broad range of sectors.