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Property Compliance Management Software for the Retail Sector

The software has been developed by health and safety professionals with many years experience working in the retail sector. Stock control and storage, staff turnover and training and the unpredictability of the general public are challenges which retailers face daily.  ProComply provides a paperless option to store all the information for the safe operation of the store.  In addition any tasks arising from safety checks or compliance audits are logged and prioritised helping the manager focus on the actions needed without having to trawl through mountains of paperwork.

They system can be configured around the specific needs and safety checks required by your operational and legal team and most importantly your insurers.


They system can be configured to include as much detail as each manager needs about their retail premises. Regional or corporate quality or safety managers can access this information through a series of configurable reports, giving them real time property compliance information at their fingertips.


Outstanding tasks from your statutory compliance audits are automatically loaded into the system, including diarised dates for completion.  When tasks are completed a bespoke set of checks can be set up to ensure that safety is being addressed.  This could be in the form of visual evidence or an audit trail of delegated responsibility.

Segment your Data


You can segment  your data according to your geographic areas of responsibility, branch or brand helping you to benchmark and improve performance.