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Compliance & asset management software for the Hospitality Sector

The  UK restaurant industry employs almost 3 million people.   Even during the best of times the restaurant survival rate is low with 1 in 3 restaurants close within 3 years.With the odds stacked against them it is vital to have an understanding of compliance regulations relating to food, staff or premises. To not comply with regulations can spell disaster resulting in fines, bad publicity, prosecution or business closure.

At ProComply we have a solution to not only comply with UK regulations relating to Health and Safety to but proactively manage this keeping your premises safe, clean and well managed for your customers and staff. This will allow you more time to invest in your people, customer service, food quality and accounts.

ProComply works with a number of clients from quick service, pub restaurant casual and fine dining establishments who have compliance information that they need at their fingertips.

“To be able to securely store and access key documents such as Fire Risk Assessments and Health and Safety Risk Assessments is really useful together with the flexibility to upload any useful document relevant to a particular site.”



Your Property Compliance at a Glance

You can segment your property data by region, brand or area of responsibility.

You can access your own Compliance Score to help you identify any potential issues well in advance of any major incident which could result in your establishment having to close down for emergency works.

You can cluster your annual consultants surveys so that you manage your compliance proactively at a lower cost through efficiency savings.


Other Useful Documents

ProComply offers the opportunity to keep all your useful documents to hand in one place – safe and secure and accessed through delegated permissions.  This could include:

  • Asset management of equipment, furniture linked to BIM
  • Insurance documents
  • Licenses
  • Food safety information
  • Staff training records

Useful Docs

ProComply property compliance software system on mobile tabletFood hygiene reports, first aid certificiates insurances and safety certificates. Read More

Segment your data

UK Map

You can segment  your data according to your geographic areas of responsibility, branch or brand helping you to benchmark and improve performance.

Configure Reports

So that that summary overview of compliance can be seen by strategic managers while operational managers can view and access all their own documentsProComply a retail property compliance solution