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Compliance Management Software for the Facilities Management Sector

ProComply is an ideal solution to help you proactively manage your compliance across your property portfolio.

Any issues arising from your Statutory or in house surveys can be programmed in and managed through to completion, with a full audit trail.

Our unique *Compliance Score” can be applied to your individual properties or estates so that you have an “at a glance” representation of how you are meeting your compliance obligations.

ProComply can be used to incorporate non-compliance related tasks like cleaning or regular maintenance.


You can access information about your property including your latest report.  ProComply includes a diarised list of planned and preventative maintenance.  Remediation works arising from your Compliance Surveys are instantly programmed in.


Information is accessible on all media devices, tablets and smart phones and is accessible 24 hours a day.  Reports and information is refreshed in real time so that your compliance status is accurate, enabling you to keep track of important remediation works.

Legal Documents

All the legal documents relating to the Safety of your Property at your finger tips

Integrate with BIM

ProComply can be integrated with BIM allowing you to pinpoint the location of tasks relating to either your property or your assets.

One Stop Shop for Compliance

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